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Respect Property

Treat all builds and structures made by other players with respect. Please do not take items that are not yours or destroy builds you did not make, unless you have permission from the owner to do so.

Respect Others

Please respect your fellow players and staff members. We are all here to enjoy a magical and safe experience in Minecraft!

Friendly Speech

In order to foster our all-inclusive environment, we ask that all members keep chat light and positive. Any topics pertaining to political opinions, religion, or anything not family-friendly should be avoided. We also ask that any hate speech, including slurs, racism, sexism, homophobia, or anything that may target a group of people, be kept out of this community chat.

Spam & Advertisement

Please refrain from using excessive caps, repeating messages, and any other spam-worthy behavior. Additionally, the promotion of other Minecraft or discord servers is not allowed.

Cheating and Exploitation

Please do not use hacked or modified clients that may give you an unfair advantage over others. Exploiting bugs, glitches, or cheats is not allowed, which includes x-ray packs and auto-clickers.

Keep in Mind...

While these rules are a good set of guidelines to follow in terms of keeping the server a safe and fun experience for other players, they are not exhaustive and will be updated as needed. Please use your best judgement when determining good behavior.