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Mar 7, 2023

The Isles Update

The Isles Update
All new Isle Creation Menu

Hi everyone! We have some exciting news to share with you all: the all new isles update!!

Every isle type has been reworked to better reflect their namesake! For example, tropical is much more focused on palm beaches and jungles, and tundra has tons more snow. They are also much more unique between generations, which we hope will create a more unique experience for everyone's isle.

We have also updated the isle creation menu to show a mini map of each type, along with hover-able indicators to show the various biomes present. If you already have an isle and would like to view these, simply do /isle reset, but make sure not to click the green confirm check unless you truly want to change your isle.

Also note that these changes only apply to new isles, so if you would like to claim a new one you will need to reset your old using the command above. Doing so lets you access your old isle for 2 days (via /isle old) as you move your things over.

We have also added two new types: Lush and Mushroom!

As was previewed earlier, lush is full of rolling green hills, oak forests, and white granite mountains. Many players were asking for biomes similar to those present in spawn, and we hope this will become a great option!

And mushroom is very much like those rare mushroom islands you have chanced upon throughout your Minecraft career, so we hope you appreciate their unique beauty.

Thanks everyone for helping us make Gardens the best it can be! Stay tuned for more news, as we will be opening to Public Beta later this week!