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Jan 22, 2023

Crate Rewards Guide

Crate Rewards Guide
Celestial Crate being opened

There are three different types of crates; Celestial, Mythical, and Tailor crates. These can all be purchased from the store or can be achieved by voting. To open any one of these crates, simply travel to the Garden Isles (/spawn) and right click the ground.

Many of the crates rewards are self-explanatory, but some contain custom items you may not have encoutered before. These are explained below!

Celestial Rewards

Celestial Tools
• Set of unbreakable tools with heavenly designs
• Rare drop

Winged Boots Enchant
• Allows for 2 hours of flight before needing a recharge
• Each recharge cost 24 amber, and has a chance of destroying the enchant
• Flight is only decreased while in the air, so can be very useful for traversing heights while building

Power-Up Rune
• Levels up all enchants on an item by 1 if they are not yet at max level

Safari Net
• Catch any mob and transport it between Isles
• Single-Use

Mythical/Celestial Rewards

Ender Pads
• Act as teleportation pads between different heights
• Jump to go up a level, shift to go down
• Must have an adjacent pad within 30 blocks above or below the pad to travel

Slot Increaser Rune
Can be applied to an enchantable item to increase its available slots (up to 10)

Restoration Rune
• Decreases destruction chance by 5% after applying
• Up to 4 restoration runes can be applied to any item

Tailor Rewards

Selects from a growing list of balloons, hats, canes, and backpacks!

All of these rewards are viewable at the Tailor's Shop near spawn!