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Sep 11, 2022

Closed Whitelist Begins

Closed Whitelist Begins

Hi everyone, the server will be whitelisted starting next weekend until sometime in December. This means you will be unable to play on Gardens until either the closed beta or the re-opening in December.

Why is this happening?
Recently gameplay has been stagnating (repetitive and not very eventful) for many players, and we feel like it is time for some freshness. I have ultimately decided to take the server in a new direction that I think will be very exciting for you all. I will share more information about this soon.

When can I play again?
You'll be able to get closed beta access before the eventual re-opening in December, but when this will happen has not been determined. I am hoping for sometime in October! Anyone who wants to will be whitelisted; I'll post a signup link here and on our discord.

Will I lose my builds?
Nope! Everyone's builds will be transferred to the new server.

What will the changes be?
Again this is still being determined, but there is going to be big reworks having to do with the economy, claim system, dimensions, and more. There will also be much new content including more furniture, items, crops, and mobs.

Will I lose my rank?
All donators will keep their rank and/or be given an equivalent rank on the new server.